Electric Motorcycles are a great alternative to a car or a diesel scooter for exploring the city and commuting to and from work. Costing just pennies to run in comparison, they are gaining popularity thanks to their cheap costs, environmental credentials and fun driving style, not to mention the cost to maintain them is meagre too.
For example, the low-cost INTHEZONE Electric Scooter Motorcycle is economical, with less than € 0.50 / U$ 0.55 electricity per 100 km / 62 mile compared to €7 / U$ 7.50 for a conventional scooter. Throughout 1-years of ownership, you could save about €2000 / U$ 2100 on fuel (or power) alone. Do you have solar panels in your house, shed, or garage? Then you drive for free.
That's not including all the other things internal combustion engines need, like oil, exhaust, spark plugs, and other components and maintenance. But did you know electric scooter motorcycles require 80% less maintenance than fuel scooters?