Electric Scooter Kukirin G3 Pro


Experience worry-free rides with the G3 Pro electric scooter! Featuring a detachable 52V 23Ah large capacity lithium battery, you can enjoy up to 80km of range. With dual 1200W powerful motors and 35° climbing capacity, it can handle even the most complicated and bumpy roads. The intelligent dashboard displays all cycling information in real-time, such as gear changing, mileage, battery condition, and speed. Plus, fine-tuned spring shock absorbers cushion the bumps of rugged.

‣ 2023 UPGRADE PERFORMANCE | The KUGOO KIRIN G3 PRO delivers impressive all-around performance with a compact, innovative design with premium construction, guaranteeing ultimate durability. All-in-one design―The frame is made of high-strength aluminium alloy material rendering it stocky and lightweight, while the shaft is constructed from steel, making it pretty steadfast. The construction oozes quality, while the touch of orange accents on the solid black frame gives it a premium, sporty vibe. The 1200W delivers plenty of zipping and powers it up hills of up to degrees without affecting performance. The scooter comes with 23AH 936WH delivering a remarkable 80 miles range. The front disk brake, rear EBS and rear disk brakes help the scooter achieve precise, safe, and responsive braking even at high speeds or in wet conditions. With its tremendous power, exceptional range, excellent build quality, comfortable rides, and a host of high-end features, the G3 e-scooter appeals to both experienced and casual riders. It's essentially an all-in-one package that allows you to experience a dual-motor electric scooter's high performance and ride comfort.

‣ MULTIPLE SPEED MODES | KuKirin G3 Pro has three-speed modes to meet your needs, including 30/50/65km/h. The low-speed mode allows you to enjoy the roadside scenery over the ride. The medium way enables you to enjoy the fun of riding. Shift to the high-speed mode, and you will have a faster and more exciting cross-country ride.

‣ BATTERY & RANGE | A With52V 23Ah battery, delivers a maximum range of 80 miles on a single charge. In most cases, mileage can vary depending on the rider's weight, terrain, slope, and temperature. As for battery charge time, it should take around 6 hours to charge using stock chargers entirely (4A Charger).

‣ CONSTRUCTION & QUALITY | A perfect illustration of a thoughtful design. From its frame structure to industrial design, the e-scooter oozes quality. Its frame is built from a verified aviation-grade aluminium alloy material so that it can survive a lot of abuse. The scooter's quality construction translates to a confident, dominant, stylish look. You'll surely attract passionate glances from those passing by as you cruise down the highway.

‣ TYRES | The 10 inches of off-road tyres ensure agile handling and absorbing shock to a greater level. In addition, the 3″ inch thickness comes in handy to enhance the surface contact between the scooter and road surface, increasing traction and consequently improving grip and braking performance.

‣ SERVICE FIRST | We provide a 7/24 hours after-sales service warranty period. The KUGOO KIRIN G3 PRO is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for ONE YEAR, and the battery warranty is SIX-MONTHS.