INTHEZONE M1PS Electric Scooter Motorcycle

Are you looking for a Harley-styled muscle motorcycle that’s fuel savings, powerful and eco-friendly?

Then the 2023 new release INTHEZONE M1PS should be your best bet.

Without the unnecessary noise and CO2 emissions with the most relaxed and hippest looking muscle bike in the market today. The Electric Motorcycle has a humongous 2,000-watt electric hub motor, allowing you to jumpstart quickly and hit maximum torque in seconds. This top-rated electric motorcycle is built to stand on all terrain, whether going uphill, passing through the city, or riding off-road tracks. 

In terms of performance, you have nothing to worry about; the Samsung battery 50AH boasts a range of up to 100km, a top speed of 45 km/h ( unrestricted goes to 60 km/h ), and puts out a maximum of 165 nm of torque, which is way better than most motorcycles. If you’re worried about comfort, you can stop worrying now, knowing that this bike is equipped with high-grade hydraulic disc brakes, allowing smooth stops. You also get adjustable handlebars, an oversized padded seat, and front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Overall, if you’re looking for the best combination of power and comfort, then the INTHEZONE M1PS is a must-have! 

STREET LEGAL; The EEC approves the INTHEZONE M1P, a COC certificate―our customers can get a number plate and legally drive it on European road traffic.

‣ 2023 NEW RELEASE | The Harley-styled lowrider; A classic look beautifully designed to make a bold statement. QS2000W motor is provided with sustained performance, large overload torque-124Nm, and reliable operation. Instant acceleration up to 45km/h and 30-degree slopes travel easily, allowing you to ride on flat and rough terrain. Reach 100 range at top speed for a single charge. Making full use of the high-density lithium battery can produce more power output. Other electric vehicles' durability and life cycle are unmatched, making your commutes and short trips effortless.

‣ SPEED | To be legally on the road in European countries, the M1PS have a speed limit of 45 km/h (all have passed EEC certification and provide COC certificates). If your country does not have this limit, you can contact us to provide a speed limit lifting Way to make the scooter faster (up to 60km/h - deregulated).

‣ 60V 50AH SAMSUNG BATTERY | Equipped with a gigantic lithium battery, the M1PS gives you a range of 100 km. The removable battery allows you to charge anytime you can access a power outlet. Extended range and easy charge enable you to travel with peace of mind on long trips.

‣ UPGRADED MOTOR | The built-in high-performance motor with 2000W accelerates the M1PS scooter to the top of 170NM, providing an effortless experience on fast climbing or rough road. Enjoy speed, enjoy passion, enjoy the fun!

‣ SMART LANDSCAPE DISPLAY | Our display provides real-time information on your scooter's health, such as battery level, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear, and so on. Also, when the battery is running out, the display will flash.

‣ THICKENED TUBELESS TIRES | Tubeless tires with our cool fenders add more fun to riding. With thickened tubeless tires, you drastically decrease your chances of getting a flat mid-ride. Adding wider and thicker beads enhanced grip and comfort for commuting or getting downtown.

‣ INTEGRATED LIGHT | The integrated light increases your field of vision with the help of the large headlight, high beam, and low beam that unfold an unobstructed view of the road. With a brake light, turning signal, and taillight, your bike is more distinctive and visible at night.

‣ HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES | Our elegant front and rear hydraulic disc brakes engage instantly to reduce the scooter's braking distance. Combined with the ergonomically designed handlebar, it provides excellent ease for riding.

‣ ADJUSTABLE FULL SUSPENSION | When riding, our scooter tightens the suspension to reduce the customer's body lean and increase responsiveness, giving great ease to urban commuting or traveling.

‣ GREEN SOLUTION FOR TRANSPORT | Electric Vehicles are not just the wave of the future; they're saving our planet. Electric Motorcycle―European personal transportation choice helps to boom the market of electric scooters and e-bikes.

‣ STREET-LEGAL, EEC/COC | Do you need a European electric scooter license? All our e-motorcycles are EEC/COC certified, 45KMH; you can get your license plate with the attachment COMPLETE VEHICLE EU CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY.

‣ SERVICE FIRST | We provide a 7/24 hours after-sales service period—the One-year warranty for the M1PS.


Driving a 100% electric motorcycle has many advantages over today's combustion engines for the wallet and the environment. For example, the M1PS Electric Chopper Motorcycle is economical, with less than €0.50 electricity per 100km compared to €7 for a conventional scooter. Do you have solar panels in your house, shed, or garage? Then you drive for free. Did you know electric scooters require 80% less maintenance than fuel scooters?