KuKirin G2 Pro Max Review


Kugoo Kirin G2 PRO MAX - the fastest electric scooter from Kugoo Family - is an upgraded version of the G2 model with a bigger battery, 20 Ah than the basic version, 15Ah and an almost two times stronger motor 1000W (G2 600W). The maximum speed you can reach is 55km, and the distance is between 70km/80km.

High-quality front and back 4-arm suspension gives a fantastic ride on complex surfaces and bumpy roads. The anti-slip pad adds more texture, increasing the effect and ensuring travel safety. You can track the current speed, gear, and battery level on the LCD dashboard. As an additional benefit, It comes with an adjustable seat with a wide cushion that comforts you for a more extended trip. 

‣ PERFORMANCE | The KUGOO KIRIN G2 PRO MAX delivers impressive all-around performance with a compact, innovative design with superior construction, guaranteeing ultimate durability. All-in-one design―The frame is made of high-strength aluminium alloy material rendering it stocky and lightweight, while the shaft is constructed from steel, making it pretty steadfast. The construction oozes quality, while the orange accents on the solid black frame give it a premium, sporty vibe. The 1000W delivers plenty of zipping and powers it up hills of up to 30 degrees without affecting performance. The scooter comes with 20AH providing a remarkable 80 km range. With comfortable rides, and a host of high-end features, the G2 e-scooter appeals to experienced and casual riders. It's essentially an all-in-one package that allows you to experience a dual-motor electric scooter's high performance and ride comfort.

‣ 48V20Ah BATTERY | KuKirin G2 Max has a 48V20Ah large-capacity lithium battery, continuously outputs high-rate current and has a maximum riding range of 80km. It is suitable for long-distance riding without worrying about battery life.

‣ 1000W MOTOR | KuKirin G2 Max is equipped with a powerful 1000W motor, the maximum climbing angle reaches 30°and the max speed is 55KM/H. Designed for more complicated and bumpy road conditions so that you no longer have to worry about climbing and wading

‣ DISPLAY SCREEN | KuKirin G2 Max has a simple, safe and convenient bright display screen. The real-time driving data of the KuKirin G2 Max will be displayed on the screen, and the gear shift, mileage, power, speed and so on will be clear at a glance.

‣ EASY TO FOLD | One-step folding, equipped with hooks.

‣ DETACHABLE SEAT | KuKirin G2 Max Electric Scooter has a complete set of detachable seats and thickened and widened leather cushions, which are soft and comfortable. When you feel tired after a long ride, you can try installing the seat, which will be a better experience.

‣ RETRACTABLE POLE, HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT | KuKirin G2 Max is equipped with an adjustable pole with three gears, suitable for people of different heights and fastened with threads and a folding suspension buckle, which is simple and convenient. The handlebar of KuKirin G2 Max will not shake when unfolded, providing safety for high-speed driving.

‣ 10''OFF-ROAD & FOUR-ARM SHOCK ABSORPTION | KuKirin G2 Max electric scooter combined with 10-inch off-road tires, equipped with four-arm shock absorption, G2 Max takes you to conquer all kinds of road conditions.

‣ 6 LIGHTING SYSTEM |They are equipped with three LED lights at the front and rear. In addition to the main headlights at the front, there are two turn signals for auxiliary lighting. At the rear, in addition to the brake lights on the rear wing, there are two turn warning lights. 6 LED lights ensure safe driving at night; the front and rear brake lights will flash when turning, and the tail lights will flash when braking.

‣ SERVICE FIRST | We provide a 7/24 hours after-sales service warranty period. The KUGOO KIRIN G2 PRO MAX is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for ONE YEAR, and the battery warranty is SIX-MONTHS.