Hey skaters,

I’ve got the Maxfind FF-AT electric skateboard to review today, and I am becoming more and more impressed by the Maxfind lineup lately.
The FF-AT and Belt is a well designed electric skateboard packed with features and comforts that make your riding experience enjoyable.
I’m talking quick-swap battery, puncture-free tyres and auto-start, among others that we’ll go into throughout this review.

Who Is It For?

The Maxfind FF-AT is the perfect commuter electric skateboard because it is exceptionally comfortable to ride and tackles imperfect paths without any worries.
If you’re into riding off-road, the FF-AT is excellent because the all-terrain tires can handle most surfaces, including compact gravel, dirt and grass.
If you’re not into all-terrain riding, but you like all the features of this board, you can check out the FF-Belt, which is almost the same board, except it has belt motors and urban street wheels. Or the FF-Plus, which has hub motor urban street wheels.

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