Electric Motorcycle Guide: What Can You Actually Buy Today?


The excitement and freedom of piloting a sleek motorcycle through city streets or a panoramic countryside are second to none. That feeling hasn’t changed much for over one hundred years.

In this electric motorcycle guide, we will show you can get the same feeling from the new, eco-friendly class of bikes that are quickly evolving.

A Brief History of Motorcycle Evolution

Early attempts at motorizing bicycles came from steam power in the mid-19th century. The first internal combustion and petrol-burning motorcycle followed close behind in 1885. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Germany produced it. This new mode of transportation began the journey to the electron-powered high-tech machines we will cover later in this guide.

Like many other technologies, the motorcycle took a quantum leap during the war. After WWI, Harley-Davidson moved into the number-one spot by 1920. Throughout the 1900s, the competition was fierce between British, American, and other European motorcycle manufacturers, working on improving performance, adding to off-road capabilities, and racing.

Today, the largest companies in the motorcycle manufacturing sector are primarily Japanese and Indian. But everyone is getting in on the action regarding electric motorcycles.

The Early Days of Electric Motorcycle Technology

It may seem surprising with the perceived “newness” of these electric models. Still, the history of motorcycles running on batteries returns to the same era as the combustion engine bikes.

That’s right, inventors and engineers have been working on this technology for as long as there have been powered cycles. In America and India, as well as the rest of the world, before the current emphasis on protecting the environment, the gas-powered versions were so popular that the electric models went unnoticed.

Here are a few milestones in the electric motorcycle’s evolution:

  • 1911 – Popular Mechanics runs an article on electric motorcycles.
  • 1946 – Marketeer Company was founded based on the electric motorcycle.
  • 1974 – Mike Corbin’s “Quick Silver” sets the electric motorcycle speed record at over 165 mph.
  • 2011 – Chip Yate’s Guinness world record shatters Corbin’s record at 196.912 mph.

What Types of Electric Motorcycles Are Available Today?

The answer is everything and anything you can imagine—from an aerodynamic street rocket, an off-road adventurer, or a Harley-Davidson. Now, be careful trying to join up with a group of veteran bikers here: these electric versions of the American classic are causing some controversy.

With the massive range of electric motorcycles on the market today, we’ve broken them into three categories based on simple metrics: price, overall quality, customer/expert reviews, and street legality. It should go without saying that this article focuses on models for adults, not toys for children.

1.) Off-Road Adventure Models on the Market Today

Let’s start the conversation by getting dirty. Like the other broad categories in this review, the off-road electric models come in many shapes and sizes. When comparing these to their gas counterparts, we will discuss factory bikes and not custom-pro models.

On the low end of the price spectrum (under $5,000), the top model showing up at # 1 is the INTHEZONE M1P, with a tag price of 3,000$ This Electric Motorcycle comes with a humongous 2,000-watt electric hub motor, which allows you to jumpstart quickly and hit maximum torque in seconds. This top-rated electric motorcycle is built to stand on all terrain, whether going uphill, passing through the city, or riding off-road tracks. In terms of performance, you have nothing to worry about; the Samsung battery 30AH boasts a range of up to 80km, a top speed of 45 km/h ( unrestricted goes to 60 km/h ), and puts out a maximum of 165 nm of torque, which is way better than most motorcycles.


2.) Low-End Street Legal Versions – Under $5,000

Let’s take it to the streets and see the top emission-free, quiet-running motorcycles you can use in 2022.

This, and the next category, are in no particular order and are compiled to give you an overview of some options available. Electric motorcycle production is taking off faster than these bikes, and listing all the models in one article would take a long time.

Another thing to consider when choosing an E-motorcycle in this range is quality. Yes, you’re saving money, but when you get much below $5,000, the ratings and design start to look more like toys.

Our two entries here are anything but toys with excellent design and top-notch features. First, look at the INTHEZONE H6 is inspired by the past and powered by the future! This is a bike you cannot ignore—a futuristic design with more than a nod to the famous USA motorbike brands of the 1960/’70s. The e-chopper INTHEZONE H6 is our newest model in the European market and offers this and more with a 2,000-watt or 3,000-watt super motor and a perfect 20ah/60V or 45ah/60V battery choice. This electric chopper has a unique appearance with its robust construction and wide tires. The powerful engine provides a pleasant torque with the double-disc brakes reduce the braking distance considerably. This model also features a digital speedometer, alarm system, steering lock, and removable batteries. An electric motorcycle can be your best choice for green commuting with environmental protection and zero-emission

Next, we have the INTHEZONE M8 proving that you don’t have to break the bank to be eco-friendly. This minimalist, quiet, and stealthy cycle boast a top speed of 37 mph, a 50-mile range, and a price tag of $3,000. The M8 Electric Motorcycle is a beautifully versatile Harley-styled that would be an ideal tourer or commuter with impressive performance―the classic-looking fat tire electric scooter comes with a 2000-watt brushless motor. Equipped with 3-level Throttle and sturdy aluminium alloy wheels, M8 provides outstanding drive capability.

The e-chopper M8 has a 30Ah battery pack featuring high energy density and a BM system. The removable Battery allows M8 to more than 75 km on a single charge. An electric moped can be your best choice for green commuting with environmental protection and zero-emission.

3.) High-End Electric Motorcycles – $10,000 and Up

You’re about to enter a world that may be hard for some to believe! But, since you’ve read this far, it’s safe to say you’re at least curious, maybe even serious, about owning one of these environmentally-friendly works of art.

It’s impossible to resist starting here: the Harley-Davidson Limewire deserves the first mention. With the same acceleration capabilities as its gas-powered namesake, the LiveWire can do 0-60 in 3 seconds and reach top speeds of 95 mph. It has a range of 146 miles and impressive suspension technology, making it a comfortable and safe ride. The LiveWire comes at an attractive price for this quality at $39,729.

Our next electric two-wheel rocket controls the top spot on many expert lists for 2022. Giving a little ground to the LiveWire in comfort, the Energica EGO+ surpasses the legend in speed and range. Sporting an impressive 261-mile range and top speeds of 150 mph, the Energica EGO+ goes a long way and gets there fast. It also beats Harley on price, starting at $26,000.

Touted as the “Best Value” by the experts, the Zero SR/S starting at $19,995, is next up. It holds its own with the top bikes in this category with a max speed of 124 mph, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and a range of 227 miles. These are excellent specs for a bike, especially at this price point.

A Quick Look at the Next-Level Electric Motorcycles

To round out our list of what electric motorcycles are on the market in 2022, we have the Arc Vector: a luxury electric motorbike that rises above the ranks of value at a serious $118,000. For the enthusiast not worried about money, it has an insane range of 362 miles and technology that will blow your mind. The Arc Vector’s top speed is 124 mph, hitting 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Accessories include a tech-enabled jacket and helmet with HUD (heads-up display) and a rear-view camera.

The Bottom Line on Price

As with most motor toys, the price range is as varied as your options and the size of your budget. From an analysis of the models listed in this guide, it’s good practice—if you want a real deal motorbike that’s all-electric—to stay around the $5,000 mark.

Moving to the other end of the spectrum, the price cap seems to be around $150,000, but there is undoubtedly a bike out there that goes for more to satisfy the needs of those who can’t spend enough.

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