The ENGWE P275 Pro Electric Bike - Efficiency, Range, and Style Combined

Engwe P275 Pro: A Sleek and Powerful E-Bike for City Cruising

The Engwe P275 Pro is an electric bike designed for conquering your daily commute or exploring the city in style.
This in-depth review will delve into its features, performance, and whether it lives up to the hype.

Engwe P275 Pro

First Impressions: Modern Design and Easy Assembly

The P275 Pro boasts a sleek and modern design, available in black or a head-turning black-and-orange combo. The frame is sturdy aluminum with clean welds, giving it a premium look.

Engwe cleverly hid the cables within the frame for a tidy aesthetic. Surprisingly, despite lacking suspension, the bike handles bumps well. Assembly is a breeze, so you can be riding in no time.
Engwe P275 Pro Frame
Engwe P275 Pro Frame

Power and Performance:

This e-bike features a Bafang mid-drive motor with 250W of power and 65 Nm of torque, offering smooth acceleration and conquering inclines with ease.However, adhering to European regulations, it has a 25 km/h speed limit. The 3-speed automatic gear hub is a game-changer, allowing you to shift smoothly even at higher speeds without ghost pedaling.
The motor, belt drive, and rear hub operate quietly, providing a seamless and silent assist when needed

Battery and Range:

The P275 Pro is powered by a beefy Samsung 36V 19.2 Ah lithium-ion battery. Engwe claims a range of up to 260 kilometers on a single charge, but this depends on factors like weight, terrain, and wind resistance.
In real-world testing, the reviewer achieved 37 km in Boost mode with the battery level still at 87%.

While the 260 km mark might be a stretch, reaching over 200 km seems achievable. The battery is removable for easy indoor or workplace charging, but the charging time is a lengthy 5-6 hours.
Engwe P275 Pro


Frame:Diamond shaped aluminum frame
Weight:25.3 kg
Motor:Bafang® 250W/65Nm mid-drive
Battery:Samsung® cell 19.2Ah
Brakes:Tektro® hydraulic disc brakes
Belt:Gates® carbon belt
Gear shifter:Bafang® 3 levels automatical gear shifter

Engwe P275 Pro Belt
Engwe P275 Pro Bafang mide-drive
Engwe P275 Pro Bafang mide-drive

Brakes and Drivetrain:

Safety is prioritized with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes offering excellent stopping power and quiet operation.
The Gates Carbon belt drive is a major plus – it requires minimal maintenance, is much quieter than a chain, and eliminates greasy messes.

Display and Accessories:

The small, bright, and colorful display provides all the essential information like speed, distance, battery level, and even has a day/night sensor for automatic headlight activation. There are five riding modes and the option to turn off assistance entirely.

The headlight is fixed in the frame, while the rear light needs to be turned on manually. The adjustable saddle post is a great feature, but the reviewer experienced some slipping after riding.

The Selle Royal saddle offers good comfort, and the sleek rear rack boasts a 25kg capacity (with rumors of handling even more). The bike also comes with fenders, reflective tires for nighttime visibility, and a loud bell for safety.
Engwe P275 Pro Display
Engwe P275 Pro Seat Post

Riding Experience:

Unlike other Engwe models with fat tires or powerful motors, the ENGWE P275 PRO is designed for European regulations. It feels more like a traditional bike with automatic gears and requires some effort from the rider, especially for high speeds.

The motor provides a helpful push, particularly on inclines, ensuring a sweat-free commute (unless you prefer a workout!).
This e-bike is comfortable, stylish, and perfect for city adventures.

Engwe P275 Pro Ride
Engwe P275 Pro Ride
The ENGWE P275 PRO is a feature-rich e-bike with a powerful motor, impressive range, and a comfortable ride.

The sleek design, high-quality components, and under €2,000 price tag make it an attractive option for urban cyclists seeking a stylish and efficient mode of transportation.