6 Futuristic Smart Features In Next-generation Electric Scooters


What around us is not run by electricity? Everything and everywhere is run by electricity, from toys to refrigerators to street lamps and whatnot. This is why online electric supply stores felt a necessity concerning market demand. The mechanization trend is spreading like wildfire, and traditional scooters cannot escape it.

Electric scooters have gained immense popularity in recent years as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation. As technology advances, the next generation of electric scooters will bring many intelligent features to revolutionize our ride. From enhanced safety measures to advanced connectivity options, these futuristic features are poised to make electric scooters even more versatile and user-friendly. In this article, we will explore six cutting-edge intelligent features that we can expect to see in the next-generation electric scooters.

6 Futuristic Smart Features In Next-generation Electric Scooters

Here is a list of six innovative futuristic features in Next-generation electric scooters;

  • Artificial Intelligence integration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration, One of the most exciting developments in next-generation electric scooters is the integration of artificial intelligence. AI algorithms can analyze real-time data from various sensors to optimize performance and enhance the riding experience. For instance, AI can adapt the scooter's power output based on the rider's behavior and road conditions, providing a smoother and safer ride. Additionally, AI can enable voice commands and natural language processing, allowing riders to interact with their scooters effortlessly.

  • Modern Safety System

Advanced Safety Systems Safety is a paramount concern for electric scooter riders, and the next-generation models aim to address this through advanced safety systems. These scooters will incorporate intelligent collision detection sensors and algorithms that automatically apply brakes or adjust speed to avoid accidents. Moreover, they will feature improved stability control mechanisms, making them more resistant to tipping over on uneven surfaces. Integrating adaptive lighting systems, including LED strips and indicators, will enhance visibility and ensure better visibility for riders and other road users.

  • GPS navigation system

Integrated GPS Navigation Getting lost while riding an electric scooter will soon become a thing of the past. Next-generation models will come equipped with integrated GPS navigation systems, providing riders with real-time directions and turn-by-turn guidance. The navigation interface can be displayed on a built-in screen or connected to a smartphone app, allowing riders to plan their routes, explore new areas, and find charging stations effortlessly. This feature will enhance the convenience and promote the adoption of electric scooters for longer commutes and unfamiliar destinations.

  • Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging Capabilities Charging electric scooters can sometimes be a hassle, but next-generation models will offer wireless charging capabilities to simplify the process. These scooters will utilize inductive charging technology, allowing riders to park their scooters on a charging pad without any cables or connectors. With this feature, riders can effortlessly charge their scooters at home, in parking lots, or even at designated wireless charging stations around the city. Wireless charging will significantly reduce downtime and make electric scooters more accessible for daily use.

  • Intelligent Connectivity 

Connectivity will be a crucial aspect of next-generation electric scooters, enabling riders to stay connected while on the move. These scooters will incorporate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing riders to connect their smartphones and other devices seamlessly. This connectivity will enable hands-free calling, music streaming, and access to real-time riding data via dedicated mobile apps. Additionally, advanced connectivity options enable scooter-to-scooter communication, facilitating group rides and enhancing the overall riding experience.

  • Energy Regeneration Systems

 Next-generation electric scooters will incorporate energy regeneration systems to increase efficiency and range. These systems harness kinetic energy during braking or coasting and convert it into electrical energy to recharge the scooter's battery. These scooters will extend their range and reduce the charging frequency by capturing and utilizing this otherwise wasted energy. Energy regeneration systems will enhance the sustainability of electric scooters and make them more practical for longer rides and hilly terrains.


In conclusion, the next generation of electric scooters is set to redefine urban transportation with their futuristic, intelligent features. From AI integration to advanced safety systems, integrated GPS navigation to wireless charging capabilities, intelligent connectivity.


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