ANYHILL UM-1 – The Best Budget Scooter of 2022

The AnyHill UM-1 lets stability guide the ride with a scooter that is reliable, efficient, and a joy to use. The UM-1 nails its assignment as a budget scooter by delivering on every plane that we’d expect from a $599 purchase. Combining a sleek design with a user-friendly set-up, simple one-click folding mechanism, and surprisingly strong brakes, the UM-1 lets simplicity reign supreme. But most importantly, this scooter sports a valuable LG battery that is usually found in scooters of a much higher price tag. The LG battery treats you to hundreds more charge cycles than the average Chinese battery, creating a scooter that is durable and cost-effective. Overall, its performance, portability, and value for money aid its status as one of our favorite budget buys.


AnyHill UM-1 Review: Budget Scooter With Premium Features

Who is it Best For?

Will the AnyHill UM-1 Be a Good Fit For You?

The title of this scooter might suggest it's crafted for tackling adventurous inclines, but in reality, the AnyHill UM-1 is suited for first-time riders and commuters.

AnyHill UM-1 Frame Front On

Its generously sized and cushioning tires provide a smooth journey that absorbs the jolting vibrations of the road. Its set of brakes also offers extra security and control in built-up environments, and even delivers one of the best stopping distances we have ever recorded.

The specs on offer are finely tuned for casual rides around the city. Plus, portability plays a big role in the UM-1’s lure as it has a simple one-click mechanism. What’s more, this scooter is the lightest of its competitors and weighs in at a mere 29.7 lbs. Combined with the sublime folding mechanism and thin stem, the UM-1 is extremely easy to lift and carry.

AnyHill UM-1 Folded From Rear


Pros and Cons

  • Premium LG battery
  • One-click folding mechanism
  • Extremely strong brakes
  • IP54 water-resistance rating
  • Plush 8.5 pneumatic tires
  • Choice of three colors
  • Well built
  • Needs better cable management (the cables protrude from the frame)

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

One of the UM-1’s key selling points is its LG battery which provides far more longevity than cheap Chinese equivalents that can be found on its competitors. With many scooters opting for a lower quality battery to keep prices down, the UM-1 still has a competitive price tag with durability that can’t be matched.

AnyHill UM-1 Chassis

Battery aside, the scooter hits every other mark that you expect from its class. With a design that promotes style, safety, and security, the UM-1 offers low risk for a low price.

If we consider all of the sub $600 scooters that we’ve tested, the UM-1 stands out as one of the best. It outperforms the other models where build quality is concerned. Plus, no other scooter comes close to the UM-’s braking prowess – it even beats models that are seven times its price and boast top-of-the-line hydraulic braking systems.

Overall, the UM-1 has a well-rounded profile of performance and as a result, it delivers exceptional value for money.