Electric Motorcycles are slowly dominating the market in the past few years. Since it’s a relatively new concept, many people still do not know the primary differences between a traditional and an electric motorcycle. If you’re one of those who wants to have a clearer picture of what an electric bike can offer, then read on.


An Electric Motorcycle is just like a traditional motorcycle-only powered by electricity, not gasoline. It doesn’t come with a motor engine but is mainly powered by a rechargeable battery and electric motor. Electric Motorcycles also come in various shapes and sizes, so you won’t have difficulty selecting your preferred build.

Moreover, since driving an Electric Motorcycle is like riding an old-school motorcycle, you’ll still need a driving license, protective gear, and helmet. Electric Motorcycle vs Traditional Electric Motorcycle While an electric bike looks just like a traditional motorcycle, the former has significant features that distinguish it from your old-school motorcycles – and we list them all below:


If acceleration is your thing, you will undoubtedly love having an electric bike. Electric Motorcycles rev up quickly and hit their peak in an instant. It can give you peak torque and power from 0 rpm in seconds. On the contrary, traditional motorcycles take longer to accelerate. It’s even worse when you have a bigger motorcycle since it usually takes longer due to its weight. If you want to benefit from instant acceleration, you should go with an electric bike.


The best part about an electric motorcycle is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance and fuel expenses. Instead, you only need to worry about charging it to ensure you don’t run out of battery. When you own a traditional motorcycle, you’ll need to shell out money to pay for regular maintenance like oil changes, unlike with an electric bike, where you don’t need regular maintenance since an electric motor and battery only power it.


Traditional bikes constantly vibrate – especially when you’re at a halt while waiting for the signal. While this is somewhat normal for most riders, many drivers still find it uncomfortable. You won’t ever have to worry about excessive vibrations with an electric motorcycle as it’s incredibly still. Plus, if you frequently get burns from the exhaust pipe, rest assured that you won’t experience it anymore with an electric motorcycle. No exhaust pipe means no burns!


One of the main differences between an electric and a traditional motorcycle is that it’s incredibly silent compared to a conventional motorcycle. This, however, is a deal-breaker for motorcycle enthusiasts. But, if you’re planning to use the motorcycle for daily trips and live in a peaceful neighbourhood, then buying an electric motorcycle will undoubtedly be the best choice. You don’t want to stress your neighbours with the buzzing sound of your motorcycle engine. Besides, it’s never cool to cause noise pollution! 


When you switch to an electric motorcycle, you won’t go to the mechanic shops as much as expected. Electric motorcycles have three main components – battery, electric motor, and controller. This contrasts with a traditional bike composed of engines, cables, and many movable parts. Of course, since a conventional bike comes with many complicated features, more stuff can break.


To reiterate the salient points that we mentioned earlier, the main benefits of owning an electric motorcycle are Powerful Acceleration – No warm-ups needed; enjoy maximum acceleration in seconds. Cost-effectiveness – No need to worry about maintenance and fuel expenses. Quieter Ride – Forget about the engine noise and enjoy listening to your playlist while cruising. City Traffic-Friendly – Most electric motorcycles come with regenerative braking that recharges the battery to keep the battery running longer - perfect for city riding. Lightweight – Electric motorcycles are lightweight since they have fewer parts than traditional ones, making them easier to drive. Fewer trips to Mechanic Shops – Since electric motorcycles have fewer mechanical parts, you can worry less about something being broken. Eco-friendly – You get to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint

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