Electric Scooter AnyHill UM-2 Review

Following on from the UM-1, AnyHill returns to the scooter scene with a new model that builds on its strengths and corrects some of its flaws too. Honorable to the stylishly minimal design that characterized the UM-1, the UM-2 opts for a larger, more fleshed-out look that doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. With improved cable management, grippy handlebars, plush tires, and exceptional braking performance, this scooter scores on almost every plane. But most impressive of all is its detachable battery that can be removed, charged, and replaced at your convenience, offering more miles and usage for your money. Whilst the UM-2 would benefit from a suspension system for improved ride quality, the scooter ticks all of the boxes it promises to. AnyHill has made longevity the priority once again with their latest model and it shows.


Who is it Best For?

Will the AnyHill UM-2 Be a Good Fit For You?

The UM-2 is suited to urban environment explorers that are mostly riding on smooth surfaces such as roads and sidewalks. The pneumatic 10-inch tires do a good job of soaking up the cracks and bumps that you find in city centers.

AnyHill UM-2 Unfolded

As a first-time rider or commuter, this scooter would be a smart purchase as its nippy acceleration, astounding braking performance, and host of user-friendly features make it a safe ride. Its flawed folding system may prove frustrating to those that need to pack the scooter away multiple times in a trip, though.

If you are wanting to invest in a scooter for long-term use, then the UM-2 delivers. Its durable LG battery sports impressive 21700 cells and is also detachable, which means better quality charge cycles, long-lasting usage, and the option to extend the maximum mileage indefinitely.

Pros and Cons
  • Detachable battery
  • High-quality LG battery
  • Extremely powerful brakes
  • Responsive acceleration
  • Effective lights
  • No suspension system
  • One-click fold mechanism doesn’t always work

Value for Money

Is the Price Tag Worth it?

The UM-2 continues AnyHill’s notorious dedication to durability and quality. Featuring an aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame, this scooter is sturdy enough to survive bumps and scratches that are beyond general wear and tear. This model also has a range of extras such as a metal reinforced rear fender and triple brake system to protect it against accidental damage. Whilst it's higher pricing at $899 may initially seem steep, it's worth noting that you won’t have to purchase a replacement model any time soon.

AnyHill UM-2 Detachable Battery

But the most significant money saver that this scooter boasts is its detachable LG battery. When the battery eventually deteriorates (which is inevitable for all batteries), you can simply replace the power unit without taking it apart or, worse, purchasing a new scooter altogether. This saves you staggering amounts of money in the long run, making the UM-2 a worthwhile investment.