KUKIRIN M3 Escooter - Best Urban Commuting Partner


Introducing the ultimate in electric scooters – the epitome of durability and performance! Our super waterproof electric scooter boasts a digital combination lock for security and can endure the most rigorous tests, ensuring the highest quality ride. Powered by the KuKirin G2 Pro Battery, a 36V 13Ah powerhouse from the industry's best manufacturer, it effortlessly covers 40-50 km. The 500W brushless motor conquers 25° slopes with ease, reaching a thrilling 40 km/h max speed. With a range of 40 kilometres and a 10-inch pneumatic front tyre paired with a honeycomb solid core rear tyre, this scooter guarantees an unbeatable riding experience. Unleash the power, defy the elements – this scooter is not just a ride; it's a testament to excellence and resilience. Get ready for an electrifying journey with the scooter that defies limits!


‣ ANTI-THEFT | Each Kukirin M3 electric scooter comes with two unique Kukirin NFC cards, and your kudos M3 will turn on once you tap one of your kudos cards on display. You can also lock the motor electronically using a mobile app, which prevents anyone from pushing the scooter, even when turned off. We know you're concerned about theft, and we have worked hard to bring you a secure electric scooter that is useless to a potential thief. The original owner can cancel or replace lost or stolen NFC cards.

‣ WATERPROOF | The Kukirin M3 electric scooter is entirely waterproof, with all internal components rated IPX7 against water ingress.

‣ PUNCTURE RESISTANT | Everybody hates getting punctured. We've been listening to you, and we hear you! We have installed a fully puncture-proof rear tyre and an air-filled, puncture-resistant tyre on the front wheel, so you're at least 50% less likely to end up with a puncture, saving you time and money on electric scooter repairs and maintenance.

‣ CLIMBING HILLS | A super-powerful 500w brushless DC motor in the rear wheel delivers an exceptionally smooth ride, and hills are no match for this electric scooter. Similarly, the large rear-wheel drive means that the Kukirin M3 can move a heavier load than most electric scooters, with its max load of 120kg. Say goodbye to electric scooters that slow down going uphill and struggle under heavier rider weight, and say hello to a seamless and effortless new mode of transport.

‣ SUSPENSION | Front fork suspension ensures that no matter what the road surface under you is like, the Kukirin M3 will get you there smoothly and safely. Stop worrying about potholes and uneven surfaces and think about what you'll do with all the spare time you won't spend sitting in traffic.

‣ FOLDABLE | A simple-to-use, one-handed folding system allows you to collapse the steering pole, folding the scooter in half. A hook and receiver then secure the scooter in the folded position so that you can pick it up and carry it by the steering pole, making it very easy to lift on and off the bus, train, tram or in and out of your home or car.

‣ SERVICE FIRST | We provide a 7/24 hours after-sales service warranty period. The KUGOO KUKIRIN M3 is warranted against defects in materials and artistry for ONE YEAR, and the battery warranty is SIX MONTHS.