Low-Budget Electric Motorcycle


When we talk about electric mobility, we are not only referring to the electric car. Electric motorcycles are opening the way, and much faster than cars. And is that electric motorcycles are much more comfortable and cheaper. To take a step towards the energy transition to renewables and non-polluting electric motors, a bike is more straightforward.

Driving a 100% electric motorcycle has many advantages over today's combustion engines for the wallet and the environment. For example, the INTHEZONE M1P Electric Chopper Motorcycle is super economical, with less than €0.50 electricity costs per 100km compared to €7 for a conventional scooter. Do you have solar panels in your house, shed, or garage? Then you drive for free. Did you know that electric scooters require 80% less maintenance than fuel scooters?

Therefore, we will dedicate this article to teaching you some cheap electric motorcycles so you can start in this world.


In 2017 alone, 4.386 units were sold (1.816 mopeds and 2.570 motorcycles), with a growth of 188% over 2016 for the former and 223% for the latter. Although their price is somewhat higher than internal combustion motorcycles, the new regulations that have been established in large cities about pollution mean savings in the medium and long term in fuel and maintenance. This is what makes electric motorcycles start to have something more attractive.

The cheap electric motorcycle models from Europe have to compete with those that come directly from the other side of the world. China is the world's leading market for these sustainable vehicles. From the list of cheap electric motorcycles we will give you below; you should remember that, due to their low price, some do not exceed the maximum speed of 45km / h. This speed marks the limit according to the legislation on using permits to drive electric motorcycles in the EU. These motorcycles can be operated with a moped license obtained at 15.


We are going to make a list of the most popular cheap electric motorcycles in these times.

  • € 3,000 INTHEZONE M1P [US/EU/UK]
The most popular electric motorcycle model, has a Harley-style outlook; everyone loves having all the functions of a regular gasoline scooter, but it is much cheaper for daily commuting in and out of the city.
The front wheel is a standard 130/45 tire, and the rear wheel is a 2000w brushless motor with a thick tire. Removable lithium 60V 30ah, And the range is 45+ miles per charge (affected by rider weight/weather/road condition/etc.). The EEC approves the INTHEZONE M1P, a COC certificate―customers can get a number plate and legally drive it in road traffic in the United States and Europe.
  • € 4,300 INTHEZONE M8S [EU/UK]
Are you looking for a Chopper-styled motorcycle that’s fuel savings, powerful and eco-friendly?
Then the 2023 new release INTHEZONE M8S should be your best bet. Without the unnecessary noise and CO2 emissions with the most relaxed and hippest looking muscle bike in the market today. The Electric Motorcycle comes with a humongous 2,000-watt electric hub motor, which allows you to jumpstart quickly and hit maximum torque in seconds. This top-rated electric motorcycle is built to stand on all terrain, whether going uphill, passing through the city, or riding off-road tracks.
In terms of performance, you have nothing to worry about; the Samsung battery 50AH boasts a range of up to 100km, a top speed of 45 km/h ( unrestricted goes to 60 km/h ), and puts out a maximum of 165 nm of torque, which is way better than most motorcycles. If you’re worried about comfort, you can stop worrying now, knowing that this bike is equipped with high-grade hydraulic disc brakes, which allow for smooth stops. You also get adjustable handlebars, an oversized padded seat, and front and rear suspension to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Overall, if you’re looking for the best combination of power and comfort, then the INTHEZONE M8S is a must-have!
Inspired by the past, powered by the future! INTHEZONE H6 is a bike you cannot ignore—a futuristic design with more than a nod to the famous USA motorbike brands of the 1960/’70s. The e-chopper INTHEZONE H6 is our newest model in the European market and offers this and more with a 2,000-watt  or 3,000-watt super motor and a perfect 20ah/60V or 45ah/60V battery choice.

This electric chopper has a unique appearance with its robust construction and wide tires. The powerful engine provides a pleasant torque with the double-disc brakes reduce the braking distance considerably. This model also features a digital speedometer, alarm system, steering lock, and removable batteries.

With low-cost power consumption, our zero-emission electric vehicles are more flexible to use than public transport or a car, delivering easy, affordable and convenient commuting.

INTHEZONE sells clean, sustainable and eco-friendly electric bikes, scooters and motorcycles to a wide range of customers worldwide. As you can see below, electric motorcycles have become increasingly popular as technology evolves. They are highly cost-effective, costing less than a penny a mile to run, with low maintenance, and are perfect for commuting local journeys and deliveries into cities.

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