REVIEW Bezior XF001: Beautiful electric designer with an output of 1,000 W!

The bike and scooter season is finally here. With the warmer rays, the desire to go to the surrounding nature or to go on a trip grows. Barbecues, langoustines or chilled kofola are popular attractions for many of us. But how do you travel if you don’t want to drive or pedal on a regular bike? The solution may be the latest model of a company that surpasses what it does month after month. A nice example is the Bezior XF001, a design leader for those who want an electric bike that does not look futuristic. If you care about how you look on the road or on the forest paths, this is the model for you.
Electric bike  Bezior XF001 not only does he look good, he is a really good electric bike to town. His performance reaches respectable 1,000 W and maximum speed up to 45 km / h. Thanks to its durable construction, it can take people weighing itself up to 120 kilogramsor two people at once, if their weight does not exceed this limit.

Bezior XF001: Design

The first topic people will start discussing with you when they see you on the Bezior XF001 is its design. Large 20-inch wheels with a width of 4 inches are stored in solid green construction. However, the front suspension fork and a small display in the middle of the handlebars showing all the necessary information such as speed, range, etc., are the only quick indicators that this is a modern machine.

The electric bicycle belongs to the series "Classic ", Which means that the designers tuned it in retro style. They testify to that leather handlebar ends big leather bench on which you sit or retro light in front. Fortunately, however, it is an LED light. Under the bench, there is a battery that you can remove and charge separately. However, you must unlock it with the key included in the package. Overall, the Bezior XF001 looks fantastic, and I can promise you that it looks even better live than in the photos. I don't know if it's enormous wheels or leather and retro light, but people turn behind it. Not that I care because the opposite is true, but it shows a successful design that succeeded and attracted people.

Bezior XF001: Drive

We get to the most important thing – how to ride it, what is its actual performance and what is the entire range you can expect? All the questions are reasonable and justified, so let's get to them.

A bike BEZIOR XF001 is built on a 1,000 W electric motor driving the rear wheel. It draws energy from the battery, which is located under the bench. It is easily accessible and water-resistant, essential as you never know when to encounter a summer shower.

The manufacturer claims that the bike can develop a maximum speed of 45 km / h. However, given my weight and the nature of Lučenec roads, expect such a speed only if you follow a road that has a slight descent. It doesn't have to be a hill, but there must be some descent. You won't get it if you go on a purely straight road, higher than 35 – 38 km / h. It doesn't hurt, you don't have to be as fast as the cars, and according to the valid legislation, you can't. The good news is that the bike has enough strength to take you comfortably up the climb, whether in the city or the woods. The oxygen route near the Ľadovo reservoir, with which the bicycle did not have a single problem, served me as a test circuit.

Travel is an entirely different topic. There, manufacturers often do everything to make it as high as possible. Therefore, they test the bike with people weighing 70 kg, at the lowest power and on an entire plane. Of course, in windless and at a not too high or low temperature.

According to official numbers, the Bezior X001 should reach a purely electric range (without pedalling) of 35 – 37 kilometres. The truth is that with my weight and driving style, I have achieved a 25 – 30 kilometres net range.

However, Bezior also presents a combination in a combined mode, in which you also get into the pedals here and there. It should reach 45 kilometres, but it was in this mode that I ran a 35 km drive. It's not much, but it is more than comfortable for a few days driving around the city, especially when it comes to such a compact city as Lučenec, where I tested the bike.

Apart from the electrical system, Bezior offers the XF001 7-stage SHIMANO system, which will take care of your convenience even if you want to help or if you run out of battery.

XF001: Verdict

The Bezior XF001 is unique in many respects. It has large and wide tires, thanks to which it sits well and safely on the road. It has a powerful engine, thanks to which you don't have to be afraid to join and get to the slopes where other bikes and scooters would give it up, and it also looks good. The number of views and people who asked me about the bike during testing also surprised me. 

For me, Bezior XF001 gets a big thumbs up. No other electric bike I've tested has fascinated me like that.