Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter- Which is the Future Choice of Scooters


A few years ago, only a few electric scooters were on the road. But now electric scooters are into prominence because of rising fuel costs and various other reasons. There have been tremendous advancements in two-wheeler technology in the last few years. Even though petrol scooters dominate the market, the stats will be different shortly.

Which one would you choose? An electric or a petrol scooter when purchasing your two-wheeler? 

Making an informed decision requires a quick comparison. Let's compare them(electric scooters vs petrol scooters) to understand our electric scooter preference accordingly.  

1). Vehicle Cost: 

Being eco-friendly comes at a price, as electric scooters are more expensive than petrol. However, as part of its effort to promote the adoption of e-scooters, the Government of India has increased the incentive cap to Rs. 15,000 per kWh, covering almost 40% of the two-wheeler's cost.

Petrol scooters are best suited to customers who are generally price-conscious. But, given the recent rise in petrol prices, many customers are switching to electric scooters.

2). Performance: 

There is no competitor to the e-scooter when it comes to Performance. With seamless acceleration, electric scooters are much faster and smoother than gas scooters. An electric scooter is, therefore, easier to manoeuvre when squeezing under gaps and accelerating instantly in the city area. Electric scooters have a lot more torque, which further enhances their Performance. Both petrol and electric scooters are fast, but electric scooters have a much quicker response time than petrol scooters. 

3). Operational Range: 

Electric two-wheelers are ideal for those who need to cover short distances. Since e-scooters have limited charging stations, covering long distances can be difficult. But thanks to removable batteries, those can be changed quickly and easily at your home or any place where electricity is available. However, many electric scooter models feature self-charging solutions, making long rides in the future possible.

Same for petrol scooters, there is no restriction on the operation usage of petrol scooters at all. As long as you have friendly roads and terrains and access to petrol stations / carry petrol, you can take your petrol scooter out for a ride anywhere. But as we know, petrol sources are limited too and one day will be reached an endpoint. So, electric scooters are still winning this one.

4). Recharging/Refueling Cost: 

Using an electric scooter does not cost you a single penny to purchase fuel. While offering the same mileage as a petrol scooter, an electric scooter costs 15% less per litre of petrol. It is more economical to use electric scooters in the long run. Petrol scooters, on average, deliver around 50 to 60 km per litre. This makes it, on average, 2.5 km, which is too expensive compared to electric scooters, the average cost of which is 0.25 km. Another point for electric scooters.

5). Maintenance: 

Electric scooters have fewer moving parts. Maintenance costs for electric scooters are relatively low compared to petrol versions. In the name of maintenance, one should have to charge the battery regularly and clean them at frequent intervals; there is not much maintenance involved in electric scooters. 

On the other hand, petrol scooters need to be serviced regularly. Also, many parts need to be changed periodically, making petrol scooter maintenance much more expensive than electric ones.

Conclusion- Which Scooter You Should Buy and Which One Will Lead Future:

If you are living in a city and covering a short distance daily, or to reach your office & home, then electric scooters should be your first choice. 

Live in rural areas, don't have much electricity access, and must travel daily? Then it would help if you considered buying petrol scooters.

The picture is more straightforward. Electric scooters (and all EVs) are the future. They are good at Performance with a low recharging cost and maintenance and will become budget-friendly soon. 

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