Engwe P20 Electric Bike: Revolutionize Your Spring/Summer Commute

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, the perfect time to ditch the crowded buses and stuffy subways and embrace a fun, healthy, and eco-friendly way to travel. Introducing the Engwe P20 electric bike, designed to revolutionize your commute with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering.


Effortless Performance:

  • Power and Control: Conquer your commute with the P20's powerful 36V 250W motor. Experience smooth acceleration and effortless gliding through city streets or moderate inclines, thanks to the intelligent torque-sensing algorithm.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Never be caught off guard by a dead battery. The P20 boasts an impressive range of up to 100km on a single charge, enough for five days of commuting with just two charges.
  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy hassle-free riding with the P20's carbon belt drive, eliminating the need for frequent chain adjustments and offering a smooth, quiet operation for up to 33,000km.

Unmatched Comfort and Convenience:

  • Effortless Folding: Fold the P20 in just 10 seconds for easy storage on public transport, at your office, or even in your apartment. Its lightweight design (18.4kg) makes carrying it a breeze.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Enjoy a personalized riding experience with the P20's height-adjustable seat and handlebar. Conquer any terrain smoothly and comfortably with the high-performance 20*3.0 inch air-filled tires.

Safety Guaranteed:

  • Peace of Mind: Ride with confidence knowing the P20 is equipped with a powerful anti-theft battery safety lock and integrated front and rear double disc brakes for exceptional stopping power. The horn and bright LED headlight ensure maximum visibility during night rides.

More Than Just a Commute:

The Engwe P20 is more than just a way to get to work. It's a gateway to a healthier, greener lifestyle. Explore your city like never before, breathe in the fresh air, and leave a zero-carbon footprint behind.

Ready to join the e-bike revolution?

The Engwe P20 comes packed with all the features you need for a smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable ride. With a 7/24 after-sales service and a one-year warranty, Engwe prioritizes your satisfaction.

This spring and summer, choose the Engwe P20 and experience the future of urban commuting.