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iENYRID, que significa "Me gusta andar en bicicleta", se centra en la fabricación de monopatines eléctricos de gama alta mediante la combinación de tecnologías modernas y artesanías tradicionales. Se esfuerzan por fabricar los vehículos más geniales, seguros y adecuados para viajes cortos y brindar a los usuarios una excelente experiencia de conducción.

The 4 tires are pneumatic with tubes, the board has 8 layers of Maple and 2 layers of Bamboo. This combination makes it flexible and strong. Rated for well over 300 Lbs. You can ride on pavement, streets, sidewalks, bike trails, grassy fields, dirt roads, sandy trails paths in the woods and a lot more places.

Michael Hoffman

Let's get one thing up front: IENYRID OFF-ROAD is not a commuter board; it's a recreational vehicle. It's something you put in the back of your truck or SUV, drive somewhere, and have a perfect time.

The iENYRID electric skateboard is synonymous with the sturdy build quality, snappy acceleration and solid range. The 8-layer Canadian Maple deck provides enough flexibility for comfortable riding while minimum shaking and road vibrations. The ultra-wide 11-inch deck is great for beginners and advanced skaters alike and gives a solid riding experience for people with large feet.

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