INTHEZONE M1 Two-Seat Electric Scooter Chopper Motorcycle

Are you looking for a Harley-styled muscle motorcycle that's fuel savings, eco-friendly and accommodates two riders?

The 2023 new release INTHEZONE M1 TWO-SEAT should be your best bet.

The new INTHEZONE M1P TWO-SEATS― the most popular electric motorcycle model, has a Harley-style outlook; everyone loves having all the functions of a regular gasoline scooter, but it is much cheaper for daily commuting in and out of the city.
The new INTHEZONE M1 is designed with Two-Seat, full suspension, a 2000W motor, and a 60V 30Ah battery for you, a max speed of up to 45 km/h, a max battery range of up to 75 km, and you can enjoy cycling trips with your family at all times.

‣ EBIKE OVERVIEW | Without the unnecessary noise and CO2 emissions with the most relaxed and hippest looking muscle bike in the market today. The Electric Motorcycle comes with a humongous 2,000-watt electric hub motor, which allows you to jumpstart quickly and hit maximum torque in seconds. This top-rated electric motorcycle is built to stand on all terrain, whether going uphill, passing through the city, or riding off-road tracks.

‣ THE CHOPPER LOWRIDER | A classic look beautifully designed to make a bold statement. Instant acceleration up to 45km/h and 30-degree slopes travel easily, allowing you to ride on flat and rough terrain. Reach 75 km range at top speed for a single charge. Making full use of the high-density lithium battery can produce more power output. Other electric vehicles' durability and life cycle are unmatched, making your commutes and short trips effortless.

‣ SPEED | To be legally on the road in European countries, the M1 has a speed limit of 45 km/h (all have passed EEC certification and provide COC certificates). If your country does not have this limit, you can contact us to provide a speed limit lifting Way to make the scooter faster (up to 65km/h - deregulated).

‣ 30AH BATTERY | Charging time: 4 -6 hours; Maximum battery range: 75 km ; Maximum load: 200 kg.

‣ HALLEY-STYLE DUAL DISPLAY | Motor-style LCD with charge indicator, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear, and more. It's easy to read because it has large numbers that are LED backlit so that you can see them even in low-light conditions!

‣ SERVICE FIRST | We provide a 7/24 hours after-sales service period—the One-year warranty for the M1.

Driving a 100% electric motorcycle has many advantages over today's combustion engines for the wallet and the environment. For example, the INTHEZONE M1 Electric Chopper Motorcycle is super economical, with less than €0.50 electricity costs per 100km compared to €7 for a conventional scooter. Do you have solar panels in your house, shed, or garage? Then you drive for free. Did you know electric scooters require 80% less maintenance than fuel scooters?