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Founded in 2015, MAXFIND focuses on innovating short-distance riding products in personal micro-mobility. With the mission of "making commuting easy and fun", we make constant innovations and breakthroughs in the micro-mobility field. The commitment is to building a world-famous brand to provide a safe, reliable, convenient and fun travel experience and lifestyle for users worldwide.
Since its establishment, MAXFIND has launched three products: MAX skateboard series, FF high-end skateboard series and G5 glider series. It covers multiple travel application scenarios such as campus riding, commuting, urban transportation and outdoor exploration, making it a trusted choice for global users worldwide.

Maxfind FF has a super flexible composite deck made of PolyPhenylene Sulfide and Fiberglass, coated with carbon fibre. The deck is wide and has a good concave, so we can always know where our feet are during a ride. The deck has a double drop design, decreasing the riding height.

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The Maxfind FF-AT is one of my favourite Hub motor All Terrain Electric Skateboards. It has a ton of handy features that you don't get on other eboards and I always felt confident while riding it.

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The FF Belt board is part of their "High Performance" series, accompanied by the Maxfind FF AT, which sits high on non-pneumatic 165mm tires. The board's design is minimalist and beautiful, with excellent ground clearance and a sporty aesthetic.