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The Endeavor series is Propel EV's flagship model. It's a board with a unique blend of features that will have you carving on the pavement one moment and then deciding to take it to the dirt and back again, all without stepping off.


The Teamgee H20 Mini is my favourite short electric skateboard at the moment. It ticks all the boxes. It has the range, the speed and most importantly, an amazing ride feel. And the best part, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. This mini eboard is very affordable.

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We think all this love is well-deserved, as Meepo Hurricane hit it out of the park when it comes to delivering maximum value for the price; it also has a fantastic look and polish to go with it. So, whether you are looking for an all-terrain board that speaks strength and stability or want a polished AT board that tops the competition with specs, Meepo Hurricane is the board for you. Do look elsewhere if you want a board that has maximum carving fun or looking to do hardcore off-roadin

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The FF Belt board is part of their "High Performance" series, accompanied by the Maxfind FF AT, which sits high on non-pneumatic 165mm tires. The board's design is minimalist and beautiful, with excellent ground clearance and a sporty aesthetic.


"The JKing all-terrain e-board is a monster for its price. This board has 8 Canadian layer maple decking, often preferred by elite off-roaders who like to challenge the terrain with a more resistant deck material. With 6 inches of wheel pneumatic, the H2X is resistant to rough terrain, trails, dirt tracks and tricky roads and remains very stable."


Endeavor is the culmination of years of independent suspension and stability control research and development. The 2 x 6374 motors on a belt drive system, combined with a coil-over shock-supported separate suspension system, provide loads of torque, plenty of speed, and precise agility to conquer any terrain you point it at. The Endeavor PRO is a perfect crossover board for those who wish to travel off-road. You can’t go wrong.

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Let's get one thing up front: IENYRID OFF-ROAD is not a commuter board; it's a recreational vehicle. It's something you put in the back of your truck or SUV, drive somewhere, and have a perfect time.