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LIVALL was established in 2014 and released the world's first smart sports cycling helmet in February 2015. This full-feature helmet was equipped with genuinely smart features which make the rider safer while cycling. Parts of this helmet include smart safety lighting, turn-signals, Bluetooth hands-free phone calls, Walkie-Talkie, music playback through your smartphone connection and SOS Alert function. 

Safety and visibility in a stylish package. An urban helmet with a state-of-the-art light system, ventilation and SOS fall detection.

Electric Revolution
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Through acceleration sensors, the EVO21 detects when you slow down or come to a stop — then the brake warning lights on the back of the helmet are automatically activated. A handlebar remote control can be used to activate the turning lights: this means you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars to give a hand signal. Instead, the flashing LEDs on the helmet signal that you want to turn. For additional visibility, the front light of the helmet not only beams in the width, but also at an angle of 45° in the height — this ensures that you are still recognized by oncoming traffic even when you are bent over in a sporty position and looking down.

I love this helmet. It’s not all the gadgets and winky bits that made me love it. It was actually how comfortable it was. But I’ll admit, the incredible range of features left me falling head over heels with the Livall BH51M Neo. Not literally, thankfully. For many, at €199 it’s a very pricey helmet. For daily commuters looking for a safe way to listen to their morning radio show with some additional lighting, it’s money well spent.

Ben Fox
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I would use the smart helmet BH51M Neo for my long leisure rides due to the size and weight; it is perfect for the daily commuter. As we enter November, most people will be cycling to work in the dark, potentially home in it too, and any the improved visibility offer for a daily commuter.

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The Livall BH51M looks like a trendy commuter-type helmet. This award-winning helmet is brimming with tech. It has won many awards for urban commuter cyclists, including “Product of the Year” in the Urban category at ISPO Munich 2018 (the largest trade fair for sports business in Europe).

Simon Tuck
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