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Do you drive a car? If you do, you will know just how expensive driving can be. Due to high road tax, the cost of vehicles today makes it hard to drive economically. The price of petrol, too, means that you are often spending more than you want. Though most of us need our car(s) to get to and from work, it's a complex problem. At INTHEZONE, though, we have the ideal solution for you.

Do you still want to drive, yet without the same kind of costs and associated fees?

Do you want to start spending less on the vehicle and vehicle upkeep?

So long as you only travel in a part of 1 or 2, you could get one of our road-legal scooters. At INTHEZONE, we sell a host of high-end scooters electric motorcycles suited to just about any rider. We hear you, from those on a weekend getaway to those looking for a cost-effective car alternative. We know it can be tough to find the best scooter, but it's straightforward with INTHEZONE ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES.

So is buying from our store, which we'll discuss in a minute.

What are street-legal scooters?

Today, a legal street road scooter is anything 49cc and above. It will likely not be road legal if you buy a scooter under 49cc in engine power. At INTHEZONE, all-electric motorcycles will be permitted to ride on the road. You must ensure you get the correct driving license to be allowed on the road.

We'll show you what you need regarding licensing in a moment. For now, though, you can look through all of our 50cc and 125cc mopeds, knowing they are road safe. So long as you have the correct credentials, you could start driving any of our mopeds on sale today. This is just what you need to make buying a scooter simple. So, which model do you see yourself driving from our site?

What aren't road-legal scooters?

If you are looking at our scooter collection, remember that our smaller electric scooters are not road legal. However, every other model sold on our website is 100% street-legal. If you intend to buy a scooter soon, keep that in mind. It might just help you choose a scooter you know can drive on the roads. Need a hand-picking scooter that's road legal? You need only message us.

What do I need to ride a scooter?

It would help if you got a specific license to ride a scooter from INTHEZONE ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES. We recommend that you start first by getting your Compulsory Basic Training. With your CBT, you can easily show that you have the grit and the skills to handle riding a motorbike. That will go a long way to making sure you can start moving up to getting other licenses shortly.

For every license, you will need to have your CBT. The only exemption to this is if you could pass your full car driving licence before the 1st February 2001. If you did that, you could drive one of our 2000W rides without taking your CBT. 

Getting the right license

Another confusing factor for some people about road-legal scooters is licensing. To ride a scooter, you need, at the very least, your CBT plus you're provisional. You can get your temporary driving license as soon as you turn 16, which can be done through your local post office. Ask for the needed forms, and you can fill it all in and get it sent away.

Depending on demand, your license should turn up within a few days to a few weeks. However, please note that you are limited if you only have your CBT and provisional. You cannot, for example:

  • Ride your scooter at speed higher than 28mph/30mph, regardless of its top speed.
  • Ride your scooter with another passenger (pillion passenger) in the back.
  • Take off your L plates; these must stay on until you get a full license.
  • Drive on the motorway; this is forbidden for 50cc scooters.

Once you reach the age of 17, you could go for your full A1 license. This would allow you to drive a 125cc at maximum speed, with a passenger and without L plates. You could also ride on the motorway!

Finding the best scooters at INTHEZONE

We know that you might be unsure about buying a bike. For example, what kind of license is considered 'full'?

  • If you wish to ride a 50cc scooter at maximum, you need at least your AM license. You can obtain your AM license at 16+ by passing a practical and theory exam.
  • If you wish to ride a 125cc scooter in full, you need your A1 license. This can be obtained from age 17+ and requires you to pass a practical and a theory test.

If you do either of the above, you could drive your INTHEZONE scooter without any limits. However, we recommend you get your CBT and provisional first and foremost. This should go a long way to ensuring you can learn how to ride one of our various road-ready scooters. So long as you have your CBT and provisional and are aged 16+, you could begin riding today.

Need a hand choosing a scooter or making sure you can ride on the roads? Contact us today. The INTHEZONE team can help you ensure you are ready to drive our legal road scooters. Just tell us what licensing you hold, and we can help you determine what you can and cannot do. Then, you can purchase from our store knowing exactly what you can do

Thinking of switching to the electric version of scooters? Visit INTHEZONE ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES today to find the best electric scooters at affordable prices.