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Meepo is one of the first to manufacture high quality value-driven electric skateboards; the company thrives on innovation, passion, and quality. The Meepo brand is very well known amongst electric longboard enthusiasts. It's one of the "Budget e-boards" founding brands, known for excellent ride characteristics and affordable prices.

We think all this love is well-deserved, as Meepo Hurricane hit it out of the park when it comes to delivering maximum value for the price; it also has a fantastic look and polish to go with it. So, whether you are looking for an all-terrain board that speaks strength and stability or want a polished AT board that tops the competition with specs, Meepo Hurricane is the board for you. Do look elsewhere if you want a board that has maximum carving fun or looking to do hardcore off-roading.

Electric Skateboard HQ
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The Hurricane is the latest board from Meepo. But, it is Meepo's first 2-1 all-terrain board. This is a fantastic creation from a manufacturer that is upping their game with every new board they produce. Capable of speeds north of 30 mph, this board is race-ready. But it's also smooth and predictable, so it is perfect for beginners! Overall, this board represents excellent value at its price point versus competitors, even though it is Meepo's most expensive board ever. If you want fun, predictable performance without sacrificing at an attractive price point, the Hurricane is it!

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I quite enjoy using the Hurricane and I’m glad to see a good mass production alternative to Hobbywing’s ESC. While this isn’t the type of board that I personally would use on a regular basis, this board will probably come with me on many downhill longboarding trips to pull people up the hill. Its powerful motors, battery, and ESC happen to be very suitable for that type of stressful task.

Daniel kwan
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