Strong frame, fantastic ground clearance, and off-road tyres are scooters that'll tackle anything you throw at it. Whether you are looking for something fast to commute on, something to wheelie, jump or burn across country fields, paths and green lanes – the G3 is the solution. 


Best Value Mountain e-Bike I've Ever Tested: Ado D30C Review

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2000W M1P Faster, Further, Stronger, and Safer are the main principles of Inthezone Electric Scooter. The motor and battery decide how fast and how far it runs. The QS 2000W brushless Motor and the 60V 30AH battery make the speed up to 37mph and the mileage up to 40miles. It meets your multiple needs, including Work Transportation, Family Rides, and Groceries.

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Look no further if you're looking for the most comfortable commuter board. And if you want to go out on off-roading adventures, this stacks up as one of the best. But where it shines is doing both of those riding styles well without compromising either. PROPEL EV is never disappointing.

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Endeavor is the culmination of years of independent suspension and stability control research and development. The 2 x 6374 motors on a belt drive system, combined with a coil-over shock-supported separate suspension system, provide loads of torque, plenty of speed, and precise agility to conquer any terrain you point it at. The Endeavor PRO is a perfect crossover board for those who wish to travel off-road. You can’t go wrong.

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Chopper style motorcycles look cool and ride great. You are an 'Easy Rider' with that high handlebar, round headlight, and big tires. The first thing you will notice about the Inthezone CP4 is the frame you can see through. The manufacturer clearly shows no roaring engine but a modern electric motor. Classic and modern come together beautifully on the powered chopper. What is most striking about this e-scooter? The price!

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"The new ENGWE C20 is a different approach for a compact folding bike. The frame geometry, adjustable height of the handlebar and seat, and mini-fat tires provide one of the most comfortable rides ever felt on such kind of eBike class. The power train is comprised of a genuine BAFANG motor that offers a good amount of torque, and a seven-speed Shimano gear set that provides an appropriate gear range for the bike limited EU compliant 25km/h top speed. The C20 can also be ordered in a PRO version with a much more bigger battery and some extras."

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“Vintage Electric bikes skillfully blend the vintage-inspired design of classic board-track racers with the best in electric vehicle technology, resulting in mobile works of art.”

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“Compared with Fiido D4s, Himo Z20 has a build quality on a whole another level. And those thicker BMX 20x2.15 inch tires are so much fun to ride on the road and even on forest trails! It's like a mountain bike! Actually, it's better than most cheap mountain
bikes I have tested so far. Even the Fiido M1 or Same bike LO26!”

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Kugoo Kirin G3 Reviewed on my YouTube chanel. Powerful 1200W offroad escooter with 18Ah battery and up to 70km range. Unique TPU suspension setup and rear kick. Well Done!

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